Patient & Referral Scheduling Solution

Increase Revenue & Customer Satisfaction with a Patient & Referral Scheduling Solution

May 2013

Recently, a large health care system made the decision to implement a patient scheduling solution that makes it easier for patients to schedule a provider appointment online, at their own convenience.

One of many driving forces contributing to the adoption of this solution was that several of the system's network providers had additional volume and referral opportunities within the employed group. Our client sought a scheduling solution that could increase revenue and new patient market share, while also better serving current patients.

MSIGHT™ Connect: Patient & Referral Scheduling Solution

The health system contracted with MedSynergies Inc. to implement MSIGHT™, a next-generation management services organization (MSO) solution platform, which includes an innovative MSIGHT Connect Patient & Referral Scheduling system. Patient & Referral Scheduling is a cross platform solution developed and supported by a MedSynergies technology partner. This solution makes scheduling appointments convenient and easy for all concerned, leveraging existing technology across the organization with a light footprint.

At the health system level, the Patient & Referral Scheduling solution was designed to provide our client with an enterprise-wide online patient scheduling and referral system to support hospitals across their facility and physician network. Patient care is then managed within a seamless chain of integrated communication at all patient entry points in the health care network, resulting in more efficient coordination.

"The Patient & Referral Scheduling aspect of MSIGHT Connect provides hospitals with transparent access to their physician base and adds value throughout the entire chain of care for their patients. In addition to the convenience of self-service appointment scheduling it delivers for patients and physician practices, hospital discharge staff can quickly access the availability of physician appointment inventory and schedule patients before they leave the hospital — to both ensure continuity of care and also encourage patients to stay within the health system network," said Aaron Garinger, VP of product development for the MSIGHT solutions suite.

Implementing the Patient & Referral Scheduling Solution

MedSynergies went to work implementing the MSIGHT Connect Patient & Referral Scheduling solution on behalf of member physicians in the San Antonio, Texas market to identify an early adopter group and integrate employed physician data into this user friendly and intuitive scheduling solution.

MedSynergies worked with partners to build interfaces for our client, and a one-way interface was quickly implemented. Ultimately a bi-directional interface was put in place for the early adopter group, and was used for the market rollout. Upon completion of the early adopter phase, the patient scheduling solution was rolled out for the remainder of the San Antonio market, including providers such as primary care, obstetrics/gynecology, cardiology, electrophysiology, psychiatry, pediatric orthopedics, neurology, surgical oncology, orthopedic oncology, and general surgeons.

Results: Increased Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

By implementing this innovative scheduling solution, our client has kept abreast of consumers' use of the Internet and provided their practices with an opportunity to move ahead of their competition, while increasing adoption among providers and practice staff members. Early data analytics from the MSIGHT Connect Patient & Referral Scheduling's robust reporting dashboard show:

  • Of all online scheduled appointments, the two leading Provider Type appointments are primary care at 56% and cardiologists at 37%
  • Of all online scheduled appointments, Patient Mix reports new patients at 71% and existing patients at 29%
  • Payor Type reports are favorable with managed care at 87% and all other payor types (Medicare, Medicaid, self-pay), rounding out at a combined 13%
  • Approximately one-third (31%) of online scheduled appointments were scheduled after regular practice hours

The number of additional patients will continue to climb as our client continues their use of Patient & Referral Scheduling. With implementations currently in progress across all their remaining markets, revenue growth will increase along with patient growth throughout the entire physician base.