MSIGHT™ Engage Service Line Excellence

MSIGHT™ Engage Service Line Excellence

November 2013

Created to improve inpatient satisfaction through better coordination of hospital care, MSIGHT’s Service Line Excellence solution is designed to fill what had been a crucial gap in the continuum of care.

Providing exceptional patient care requires a combination of clinical excellence, operational efficiency and a positive patient experience. The simultaneous optimization of these goals demands a complex orchestration of processes, information, interactions and communication among multiple points of care. These levels of cooperation and coordination will become even more critical as health care organizations continue to move toward quality and risk-based reimbursement models.

Coordination of Care

Coordination of Care is the deliberate organization of patient care activities between two or more entities to facilitate appropriate delivery of health care services. Organizing care involves coordinating personnel and other resources needed to carry out the necessary patient care activities, and includes the exchange of information between participants.

MSIGHT’s Service Line Excellence solution leads physicians, hospital staff and other stakeholders through a collaborative process that results in redefined relationships, streamlined information flow, improved communication, application of best practices, and the implementation of reporting systems to measure and monitor performance.   

Service Line Excellence Benefits

MSIGHT's Service Line Excellence improves the quality, coordination and continuity of healthcare services both within and across systems by integrating personnel, information, and other resources necessary. The elevated collaboration and communication among providers increases patient and provider satisfaction levels. Measurable metrics and actionable analytics are developed to increase operational efficiencies that reduce overall cost of care.

With the transformation of the healthcare system well underway, Coordination of Care is now being highlighted as an essential tool in improving patient health and satisfaction and controlling healthcare costs. MSIGHT's Service Line Excellence is the key to improved Coordination of Care.

Hospitalists and Service Line Excellence

The need to reduce health care costs and enhance quality of care has forced many changes in the health field. Hospitalist medicine is one of the fastest growing specialties in healthcare. Hospitalists are seeing ever-expanding roles, and hospitalist programs can help administrators solve multiple challenges in an era of healthcare reform. Data from existing programs suggest that hospitalists provide better quality of care and patient satisfaction when compared to traditional care by primary physicians in the hospital.

MSIGHT Engage Service Line Excellence Hospitalist Solution

Before entering into a hospitalist program it is necessary to establish expectations. MSIGHT’s Service Line Excellence - Hospitalist solution begins with a comprehensive program assessment and specifies findings and recommendations that result in a service line excellence plan. The MSIGHT Service Line Excellence team will then lead your team through a series of activities designed to improve physician relationships and communication channels. We implement process improvements that clearly delineate agreed upon roles and responsibilities, as well as establish program metrics along with systems for ongoing measurements and reporting, creating governance structures to monitor performance and program evolution.

Hospitalist Solution Benefits

Service Line Excellence - Hospitalist improves financial performance of hospitalist and emergency department cost centers, identifying solutions to maximize charge capture, reimbursement and incentive bonuses. This unique solution also reduces wait times and duplicate tests and improves patient experience and resulting satisfaction scores.

Improved collaboration creates new lines of communication between hospitalists, referring physicians and hospital staff, while managing the inherent obstacles between emergency department physicians and hospitalists, and improving satisfaction levels and referral relationships.

Service Line Excellence - Hospitalist establishes policies, procedures, metrics and reporting systems and identifies strategies for improvement, while forming an alignment of expectations and commitments among stakeholders. The analysis of market conditions provided by MSIGHT Service Line Excellence helps ensure success.