Improve Coordination of Care with New Hospitalist Medicine Solution

Improve Coordination of Care with New Hospitalist Medicine Solution

June 2013

Hospitalist Medicine is the fastest-growing medical specialty with an annual growth of approximately 15% and nearly every acute care hospital in the United States running a hospitalist program. Combined with the fact that fewer and fewer primary care physicians are maintaining hospital privileges, the need to effectively run Hospitalist Medicine programs is vital to the success of any health system. While the Hospitalist Medicine specialty is still young at only sixteen years, proven methodologies to operate an effective program that improve coordination of care have been cultivated and perfected.

The Coordination of Care Solution: Service Line Excellence

Last month, MedSynergies launched its MSIGHT™ Engage Service Line Excellence solution, created to improve inpatient satisfaction through better coordination of hospital care. The solution is designed to fill what had been a crucial gap in the continuum of care consisting of a lack of coordination among emergency room staff, hospitalists, nurses and others in the inpatient care chain.

MSIGHT's Service Line Excellence - Hospitalist solution begins with a comprehensive program assessment and specifies findings and recommendations that result in a service line excellence plan. The MSIGHT Service Line Excellence team then leads your team through a series of activities designed to improve referral relationships and communication channels, implementing process improvements that clearly delineate agreed upon roles and responsibilities. Subsequently, the Service Line Excellence team helps establish program metrics along with systems for ongoing measurement, reporting and governance structures to monitor performance and program evolution.

What are the Benefits of Improved Coordination of Care?

As a result of this teamwork created by the hospitalist medicine solution, the health system is able to provide better coordination of care, improved patient satisfaction and offer more of a customer service type of environment to their patients. Smoother coordination of care makes it easier to transfer patients from the emergency room to a hospitalist, and even on to a referred physician with seamless effort. Ultimately, these improvements in workflow enhance financial performance of both hospitalist and emergency room cost centers. MedSynergies is proud to now offer this solution as part of its MSIGHT Solutions suite.