Excellence Headquarters Forms Joint Venture with MedSynergies

Excellence Headquarters Forms Joint Venture with MedSynergies

July 9, 2013

Excellence Headquarters Forms Joint Venture with MedSynergies to Provide Revenue Cycle Management, Accounting and HR systems to its Provider Groups

Excellence Headquarters™, Management Company for The CORE Institute® and other physician practices, announced it has formed a joint-venture management services organization (MSO) with MedSynergies, Inc. to deliver certain key revenue cycle business functions and under one, centralized organization across multiple markets.

Operating as Excellence Synergies™, the new entity enables Excellence Headquarters, and its contracted companies, the ability to assess and add potential candidate providers nationwide and support their performance in a way that ultimately will improve alignment in all types of practices into their network. 

Excellence Headquarters modeled its managed practice management program based on firsthand experience with MedSynergies, after achieving dramatic gains and exemplary status across the five key metrics that measure practice success. Moving forward with its new Excellence Synergies™ management services organization (MSO), the Arizona-based company will provide the medical layer of practice support to its managed provider groups.

“MedSynergies has been a trusted partner to Excellence Headquarters for many years and we’re excited to expand this relationship by creating our first joint venture with this partner, Excellence Synergies,” said Dr. David J. Jacofsky, MD, CEO of Excellence Headquarters.   “As Excellence Headquarters continues to grow nationally, this new MSO will allow us to create a model for practice efficiency allowing our partners to concentrate on what matters most - quality care for their patients.”

Excellence Headquarters first selected MedSynergies to help build The CORE Institute’s practice in 2007 based on its reputation as a national leader in developing and operating physician MSOs. MedSynergies has 16 years of experience working with major health systems to align their operations, increase patient market share and achieve positive financial results. Processing nearly 12 million patient visits a year, MedSynergies handles more than one billion dollars in billing and collections for its more than 8,000 providers nationwide.
“This new joint venture with Excellence Headquarters is a testament to the relationship we have built over the past six years to propel the growth of its national physician network,” said J.R. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of MedSynergies. “This partnership will not only continue to deliver positive operational results for physicians but it will also provide the stability and scale needed to expand tighter care networks necessary in today’s healthcare environment.”

About Excellence Headquarters
Excellence Headquarters is a physician practice management solution, providing healthcare management services including information technology, contracting and credentialing, accounting and finance, revenue cycle management, marketing and public relations, organizational development, human resources administration, compliance and liability reduction, expansion and relocation, research and intellectual property development, day-to-day practice management and EMR implementation. They provide physicians and healthcare organizations the ability to vertically integrate to maximize efficiency and profit in the changing healthcare landscape.  For more information, please visit www.excellenceheadquarters.com

About The CORE Institute
The CORE Institute®, began practicing in 2005 to deliver comprehensive orthopedic care, one patient at a time. Its fellowship-trained physicians provide specialized care in the areas of surgical, non-surgical and rehabilitative hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle procedures, joint replacement, sports medicine, arthroscopy, fracture management, orthopedic traumatology, hand and wrist procedures, complex articular cartilage restoration, musculoskeletal oncology, foot and ankle reconstruction, physical medicine and rehabilitation, comprehensive spine care and pain management. Dedicated to providing technologically advanced surgical techniques and rehabilitation, The CORE Institute provides state-of-the-art research labs, surgical spine centers, less-invasive surgery, on-site imaging and physical therapy.  The CORE Institute has 12 locations in Arizona and two locations Michigan. For more information, please visit www.thecoreinstitute.com.

About MedSynergies Inc.
MedSynergies partners with health care organizations and physicians to align their operations by providing revenue cycle management, practice management, consulting services, business process analysis and software integration solutions. Leveraging its knowledge and experience in hospital-physician alignment, MedSynergies improves processes, optimizes technology and builds on trusted patient relationships, enabling hospitals and physician practices to offer quality health care. Founded in 1996, MedSynergies is privately held and headquartered in Irving, Texas. MedSynergies currently partners with hospitals and health networks and serves more than 8,000 providers across the United States. For more information, please visit www.medsynergies.com.