MedSynergies Launches MSIGHT™ Hospital Solution

MedSynergies Launches MSIGHT™ Hospital Solution

May 16, 2013

Newest Solution from MSIGHT™ Engage Service Line Improves

Inpatient Satisfaction through Better Coordination of Hospital Care

MedSynergies recently announced the launch of its hospitalist solution, which offers the full range of services needed to better align hospitalists, physician specialties and other staff within a hospital. This solution from MedSynergies is part of its Service Line Excellence, under the MSIGHT Engage solution. It’s the first of its kind for the hospital-physician alignment company, designed to fill what had been a crucial gap in the continuum of care consisting of a lack of coordination between ER staff, hospitalists, nurses and others in the inpatient care chain.

“We are pleased to now add this much-needed service link to the chain of care, nationwide,” said Jamie Dye, chief development officer of MedSynergies. “MSIGHT’s hospitalist solution leverages our deep experience in physician alignment to create a new level of interaction and shared vision among hospitalists and staff within the hospital setting. This drives improved quality of care and patient satisfaction, as well as financial performance through more efficient inpatient care.”

The hospitalist solution process begins with a comprehensive program assessment and specifies findings and recommendations that are captured in a service line excellence plan.   This process draws hospitalists, physicians and administrators into building a consensus on how excellence is defined for that hospitalist program. Financial data, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from insurance providers, physicians’ schedules and compensation and information gained from stakeholder interviews are all analyzed as part of the initial data assessment. This analysis also looks at key factors such as patient satisfaction, number of patients treated, length of stay and more information that is then reported back to stakeholders to identify challenges.

Once the plan is completed, the MSIGHT Engage team will then lead the hospitalist team through a series of activities designed to improve referral relationships and communication channels and implement process improvements. Through this process, everyone involved has a genuine sense of ownership in the excellence plan they produce and are motivated toward its successful outcome.

“Forming a cohesive team is an integral part of making any company work and is even more important in a hospital setting where lives are impacted,” said Bryan Weiss, managing director of solutions design for MedSynergies. “Our hospitalist solution allows hospitalists, referring physicians, and hospital staff to collaborate in establishing policies and procedures as a team with their common goals in mind. This aligns their expectations and creates a transparent environment resulting in better patient care.”

 Because of this teamwork created by the hospitalist solution, the health system is able to provide better coordination of care, improved patient satisfaction, and offer more of a customer service type of environment to their patients. Smoother coordination of care makes it easier to transfer patients from the ER to a hospitalist, and even on to a referred physician with seamless effort.  Ultimately, these improvements in workflow enhance financial performance of both hospitalist and emergency room cost centers. 

 MSIGHT’s Service Line Excellence solutions lead physicians, hospital staff and other stakeholders through a collaborative process that results in redefined relationships, streamlined information flow, improved communication, application of best practices, and reporting systems to measure and monitor performance.  For more information on the entire MSIGHT solutions suite, please visit

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