MedSynergies Launches MSIGHT™ Solutions Suite

MedSynergies Launches MSIGHT™ Solutions Suite

February 18, 2013

Integrated Blend of Consulting Tools, Physician Services and Technology

Leads to Greater Patient Market Share for Health Systems

MedSynergies today announced the company has transitioned its portfolio of management consulting, physician business services and technology to MSIGHT™, an integrated solutions suite designed to drive patient market share by offering a complete physician alignment strategy and practice operations for health systems.

MSIGHT blends MedSynergies’ heritage of partnering with physicians and health systems to align their organizations so they can offer coordinated care in the communities they serve, according to J.R. Thomas, chief executive officer of MedSynergies.

“MedSynergies was established more than 16 years ago to alleviate the complexities that come with running a physician practice so physicians can focus on delivering quality care,” said Thomas. “Today, with the launch of MSIGHT, we are continuing in this mission by providing a veritable path of solutions that work together to take physicians and health systems to alignment so they can improve patient care in the communities they serve. In the face of an evolving health care environment, a multitude of ‘best of breed’ systems that don’t work together and a challenging economy, MSIGHT offers a singular way forward.”

Offered as a four-component platform, MSIGHT facilitates the strategic alignment of hospitals and physicians while also delivering enhanced ambulatory data. The solutions suite includes:

  • MSIGHT Engage, addressing practice operations, physician engagement, physician recruitment, physician market development, service-line optimization and physician organization development
  •  MSIGHT Connect, focusing on patient navigation, referral management and scheduling, as well as patient outreach
  •  MSIGHT Optimize, incorporating revenue cycle management, human resources services, practice accounting and an MSO processing platform
  •  MSIGHT Exchange, where health systems can tap into proactive information views including practice reporting, physician organization analytics, an executive dashboard and practice operations

“Successful physician alignment goes beyond partnering with physicians,” said Jamie Dye, chief development officer for MedSynergies. “For alignment to be successful, a health system must follow a phased approach. While it can be tempting to look for a quick, easy method, each phase of physician alignment has a unique purpose and objective that naturally transitions to the next. This is the comprehensive approach we’ve taken with MSIGHT to make expanding patient market share and quality initiatives achievable.”

The services that make up the MSIGHT solutions suite have a track record of successful outcomes for MedSynergies’ national client base. Clients have benefitted from increased revenue, enhanced linking of the ambulatory environment and data to the hospital environment, reduced patient leakage, increased physician productivity, streamlined technology and the ability to add patient access points across the health system.

The new MedSynergies website ( offers more comprehensive information on the MSIGHT solutions suite. MedSynergies’ launch of MSIGHT and its refreshed logo symbolizes the company’s commitment to its heritage of providing successful physician practice operations as a means to build comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of healthcare systems today.

About MedSynergies, Inc.

MedSynergies partners with health care organizations and physicians to coordinate care by providing a complete alignment strategy based on its MSIGHT solutions suite. Leveraging its knowledge and experience in physician practice operations and health system consulting, MedSynergies improves processes, optimizes technology and builds on trusted patient relationships, enabling hospitals and physician practices to offer quality health care. Founded in 1996, MedSynergies is privately held and headquartered in Irving, Texas. MedSynergies currently partners with hospitals and health networks and serves more than 8,000 providers across the United States. For more information, please visit