At a Glance

MedSynergies at a glance

Headquarters: Irving, Texas. Connect with MedSynergies.

Chief Executive Officer: John R. Thomas. Meet Our Executives.

Number of Providers: 9,300 providers and 56 specialties in 30 states.

MSIGHT™ Solution Suite: MSIGHT™  helps hospitals successfully understand physician-alignment components, translating practice-level metrics into meaningful, actionable intelligence. MSIGHT’s flexible structure allows practices and hospitals to integrate with existing technologies, while eliminating the need for multiple vendors to achieve the same level of success.

Patient visits processed by MedSynergies: Nearly 11 million in 2013.

Revenues: Over 1.7 billion dollars flow through MedSynergies' systems annually. 

Founded: 1996 by 20 ophthalmologists in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.